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The PREYer April 27, 2011

Posted by The Closet Writers in adult entertainment, bedroom stories, foreplay, hot, kisses, lust, private, sex, sexy, Stimulating, Uncategorized.
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The doorbell rang and I rushed to answer it.  There he stood all six feet of him on my dark porch.  I hadn’t changed the bulb because I couldn’t reach it.  Maybe he can help me with that on his way out….I asked him in and to his surprise, the rest of my home was dark as well.  You see, I happen to like the dark.  Everything about it screams “private freedom.” He stood silently in my den as we exchanged hellos.  His voice was as smooth as it was an hour earlier as I slipped him my address and phone number.  “Call you soon ma.” Destiny fulfilled, I left the dj booth and the club. An hour later he has no idea that my hello is addressing the bulge in his oversized jeans.  We sit down on the couch and engage in some bullshit conversation about my favorite TV shows.  As stimulating as that was, I needed more.  I decided to straddle him, get that slow grind going.  Just like back at the club, dj was playing my favorite song.  A few minutes into my groove, i sent up a silent thank you when I realized I was sitting a little higher than at first.  Always good to prey. DJ Six Feet was hard as hell and i was so hot and horny. Tongue lashing, lip sucking and my pussy being too close to his dick was about to make my rivers flow.  He must have sensed it too because I felt his fingers enter me.  With each stroke I screamed yes!  Yes? Yes! Damn, he was repeating me in question form.  I do like that…wait, is he kissing my wrist and arms at the same time he’s….he’s…oh shit I’m cummin’ yes…yes, ooh damn baby…..I’m reaching for shit that ain’t there, grinding harder into his fingers, so slippery and wet, he’s kissing my breast, oh God, not the nipples….he’s feeding as I continue my dance, dj goes hard as hell on the 1’s and 2’s. Three orgasms later I realize we’re both fully clothed.  I lean in spent like hell and kiss his cheek.  Whispered in his ear, “did you cum baby?” “I did. You know this was the best non sex I ever had right?  “You doin’ yo thang with the lap dance ma.”  We kissed deeply before he left.  He decided to leave the bulb blown.  Said he liked my dark side.  I closed the door on that Sunday morning and sent up another thank you.  No it wasn’t the night I was expecting, but wait…..he just texted and said “I can dj another private party for ya next weekend ma.” Oh my!  See what happens when you prey?…………….the closet writers